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As for those who upset Maisie, well I could have quite cheerfully jumped inside the pages of the book to slap the offending pond life silly with a wet flip flop. This book grabbed my attention from the start and it had me chuckling away almost straight away. I was becoming increasingly anxious about an upcoming operation and I needed cheering up. This book certainly cheered me up and then some.

Sue has one of those writing styles that is easy to get along with and easy to follow. I was swept along by the story and if I closed my eyes, I could easily imagine that I was in Italy with the sun beating down on my face, instead of being in a little village in North East England being pelted by the rain, which is where I was. I became addicted to reading this book and read it over the space of a day and a bit.

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The more I read, the further into the story I got and the more I wanted to read. The pages turned over increasingly quickly and I seemed to race to the end in next to no time. I lost all sense of time whilst reading this book and when I checked to see how much I had read, I was stunned to realise that three hours had gone past and I had read a fair chunk of the book. In short, Sue Roberts has done it again and written a belter of a book, which is destined to become a bestseller.

I would definitely recommend her and her books to other readers. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. My Review I have been a fan of Sue and her books for quite a while now.

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Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Not sure how accurate this is, however, as I cooled my sugar syrup completely for both batches. Maybe I effed up my proportions or something. We may never know…. The harsh burn of the alcohol fades with time, allowing the pleasant lemon flavor to shine through.

In short, patience is key. Another important factor in making limoncello is removing the peel with as little pith as possible. For me that meant shaving off strips of lemon peel with a vegetable peeler, them coming back in with a pairing knife and delicately shaving off what little of the white inner pith remained. In her version , Brenda actually zested her lemons with a microplane, which takes off just the outermost layer of zest and would be a perfect solution if your knife skills are less than precise or your patience was wearing thin.

Zested lemon also needs less stepping time due to the total surface area exposed to the alcohol and stuff oh hey, high school math, nice to see you again. The other factor affecting the final product is the ratio of lemon liquor to sugar syrup, and even water to sugar within the sugar syrup.

Much of that depends on personal taste, whether you like your limoncello on the sweeter side or not, so adjust as necessary, remembering that the limoncello will mellow over time. Instead, juice them and make some lemon curd or a giant batch of lemonade, or freeze the juice for later use.

Let us know what you think! Leave a Comment or share a photo on Instagram with the hashtag loveandoliveoil. Homemade limoncello makes a great gift, and if you start, like, right now assuming you can find usable lemons, of course you still have time to steep and mellow a batch just in time for the holidays. To use, simply print out the PDF file onto some thick white cardstock, cut out the tag shapes, punch a hole in the top, and tie them on to your glass corked bottles I used the half liter, mL size with some nice black hemp twine. You could also print the same label file on weatherproof label paper and adhere them directly to the bottles.

For personal use only.

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Italian Limoncello Recipe: How To Make the Authentic Kind Your Foodie Friends Will Love!

Well, my introduction to Limoncello was your strawberry jam and the pectin as well — thank you very much!! The jam was so awesome, that I had to add some Limoncello to a blackberry-basil jam. Now I need more. Will try making it when winter — and lemon season — gets here. Thank you so much for taking the time to share!! Funny that the jam has become a gateway to a love of limoncello. Blackberry-basil jam sounds amazing! I tried making limoncello once, with Everclear as is supposed to be traditional. It was really harsh, even after significant aging.

That stuff is wicked. I make limoncello every year. I have found that cheap vodka put through a brita pitcher repeatedly leads to a better result than everclear. I also take half of it and make creamy limoncello. Basically this just involves making the simple syrup with milk instead of water. It is crazy good. The main key to good limoncello is how long you let the lemons sit in the alcohol.

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Thanks for the insight, I love the idea of a creamy version! How long do you usually steep yours for? Color me jealous of you and your lemon tree. Homemade limoncello is so good! I have a meyer lemon and a standard eureka lemon version in my cupboard right now. So good on a hot summer afternoon! Sorry, but I call BS on the lemon-hammock method not working.

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My guess is a less-than-perfect seal, letting the flavor-saturated alcohol fumes escape. I have seen this process work in an Italian restaurant I used to manage. The bar manager would do this and let the lemoncello infuse for at least 6 weeks.

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The idea is a micro still, so to speak. Using proof everclear, the alcohol evaporates to the top of the closed vessel, condenses on the lemons, and collects the essential oils over time. When it is time to remove the lemons, the fruit will be heavily concentrated in alcohol which also makes the best lemonade EVER! This is when you add the simple syrup.

The lemoncello WILL become cloudy. Put two lemons in a hammock of cheesecloth held in place with the lid.

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The cheesecloth seemed to absorb all the flavor-saturated alcohol, turning it brown and sticky while the alcohol itself stayed perfectly clear. Can you describe your setup? They hung in a single layer of industry-grade cheesecloth over liters of everclear must be proof , and the top was sealed with plastic wrap, basically tied over the cheesecloth. Total aging was close to 3 months, at least. We also did this with oranges arancello.