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Yet when we look at it more closely, we find that there is something just a little off. Somehow the printer skipped 96 pages.

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Yet oddly enough these errors occurred, and occurred only, within the first 20 of its 68 volumes. As we see in the chart above, soon after, these errors diminished.

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This led me to consider for the first time what different phases this lexicon might have gone through and how the 20 years of its production considerably impacted its content. When working on this lexicon, I found over and over again that the same force, time, left its marks everywhere.

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During its production period of 20 years it did not just move straight forward from the letter A to Z but instead its nature changed so profoundly that volume 1 and volume 64 have little in common. Not only is it the largest encyclopedic lexicon of its time but it is also a source consulted by many historians today.

Amongst its Yet even it is often consulted, it is hardly ever read. Its sheer size renders it almost impossible to study it in its entirety.

Lexikon, version 1.2

An estimate from Dorn, Oetjens and Schneider in assumed that no more than 1. From the public dispute that immediately followed on the publication of its first volume in we know today that the Universal-Lexicon did not have a smooth start. When Johann Heinrich Zedler, a born shoemaker, proclaimed that he would create a universal lexicon that would render 28 different specialized encyclopedias obsolete, the resistance by his competitors followed on the spot.

Only after changing the place of printing several times, gaining supporting patents by the king of Prussia and the Emperor and almost bankruptcy in the Universal Lexicon entered a more stable phase. In the printing was relocated to Leipzig, the patent of Fritsch had expired and after this tumultuous and well-studied phase followed many years of silent and steady publication.

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  • Second, external contributors were encouraged to send in articles about themselves, their families and places thus opening up the authorship to a larger public, an unusual step at that time. Four more volumes followed until Ludovici abandoned the project of supplementing the lexicon further. The lexicon had reached alphabetical completion and public interest on the supplements was low. This story is well known to anyone who is familiar with the history of the Universal Lexicon.

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    Yet as exciting and as consistent as it may seem, it brushes over a 23 year period and reduces it just to a few events. More importantly, it has not been studied how this chain of events influenced the contents of the lexicon. To gain new insights into these questions, I turned towards the most overlooked source for the history of the Universal Lexicon, the lexicon itself.

    Most changes that have been brought to light about the Universal-Lexicon, like the inclusion of living people or the participation of external contributors, were built on prefaces and the advertisements of the publisher. Yet, I argue, looking at article lengths, reference frequencies, errors in page count and lastly by taking random samples of its content, we can take a different perspective. To achieve this, I used an online version of the lexicon, Zedler-Lexikon. This website allows scholars to easily search the list of They also began a rough and incomplete classification of assigning the articles to different topics.

    Building on this valuable pioneer work, I gathered a list of all lemmata and references from the website. This list includes the title, volume, page and length of each article. I used this simple table, built by sending requests via the search function, to look for patterns in order to answer my questions. Here, we see a statement by Johann Heinrich Zedler from the preface of volume He promises his readers that the articles will become shorter and more precise in the future. However, when we look at the average length of the articles, we see that he is far from delivering on this promise.

    click Quite the contrary is true. By the average length had increased by the factor of ten.

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    Wie Frauen denken. Karl Emil Franzos - der Entdecker des Woyzeck. Ritter von Lang und der Funktionswandel von Archiven. Der private Krieg im Spiegelbild der Theorie der neuen Kriege.

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